Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Catching Up. . . May 2007

Okay - this was supposed to mean more frequent updates, but as you can see, it doesn't. Life has been exceptionally busy, so I'll try to bring you up to date.

The four of us spent all day Tuesday in the car driving to Texas for Suzanne's visitation (Wednesday) and funeral (Thursday). About the time we got to Tucumcari Gracie asked, "WHEN are we getting to the AIRPORT???" She wasn't to thrilled with all the driving. We then spent all day Friday driving back to New Mexico. Definitely not how we had planned to spend our 11th wedding anniversary, but what are you going to do?

The next few days we did as much as possible to get the house ready to sell, especially Jerry doing all the things that only he could do. Terri made the drive from Texas over a couple of days and on Tuesday, May 15, Jerry and I loaded up the Honda with more stuff than I thought was possible and headed to Oklahoma City. We got him settled into his corporate apartment and started looking at schools. We found one we thought was exceptional, so we looked at houses in that area the next day, but didn't find anything outstanding.

I flew back to Farmington on the smallest plane I have ever been on that Friday. It was a little Mesa Airline flight - 17 people counting the pilots. It was delayed forever, and then when we got on, the pilot gave us a brief rundown of what to expect, pulled up the stairs, and started the safety recording. About 1/2 way through what to do in an emergency, he powered up the engines, which drowned out the recording. "I hope we don't need that information!" I said to the lady across the aisle. (There was only one seat on either side of the aisle - seat A and F.) The co-pilot got out a thick binder of papers and started going down a checklist - the lady in front of me said, "Dear God, he has to get out the instructions!" She was looking pretty pale, and I hoped we would have a smooth flight, because I have heard many stories about this flight. A short 45 minutes later, we touched down in Farmington, with an uneventful flight, and I got to see my girls again.

Terri left with a fully loaded suburban on Saturday, and then things got busy. Gracie got another ear infection, Western Day and Field Days were back to back as well as Girl Scouts - Gracie bridged to brownies, and Maggie had an end-of-year award ceremony. Both girls also got reading and citizenship awards at school. When I wasn't up at the school for all their activities I was busy getting the house staged for listing, having the concrete repairs made and trying to line up drywall repairs for the house, and taking care of my last big crop, Memoranza.

May 29 was a big day - the first grade picnic, where the fire department brought the ladder truck and used a water cannon to spray the kids, and an ENT appointment for Miss Gracie, where we found out that her tonsils and adenoids needed to come out. I called Jerry and told him he was going to have to come home for that one! There's no way he can miss all the fun stuff!

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