Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Monday. . . Again!

Today is one of those gray, rainy days. It isn't actually raining anymore, but the trees are heavy with leftover rain, and when the breeze blows, the drops continue to pitter-patter down, sending the girls into a tizzy about needing to take their umbrellas to school. On days like this, I'd like nothing better than to stay curled in bed after Jerry leaves for work, but my motherly responsibilities call.

This weekend we were busy, in a non-busy kind of way. That is to say, we reluctantly got quite a bit done. We went to the storage place and rented a space. We ended up with quite a large space, actually. We probably needed a 10 x 15 to comfortably move around and get stuff set up like we wanted, but the 10 x 20 was only $10 more a month, and the location was more convenient. The girls and I stayed at the shed arranging things most of the day while Jerry did the hard labor of going back and forth to the house, loading all the stuff in the van and delivering it to us. It took about eight or so van-loads (with all the seats removed) to get our stuff in there, and there is plenty of room left over. In fact, if Jerry continues to snore, I could go sleep in the leather recliner in the storage shed quite comfortably. I asked Jerry if it made his heart go pitter-pat when he pulled his car into the garage this evening (a feat that took over a year to accomplish in NM) and he said no, but he knew it made my heart go pitter-pat to not have all that stuff in the house anymore. It was true - it did. My man sure knows how to make my day!

It's amazing how quickly one can go from having nothing to do to being overwhelmed. Not that I have ever had NOTHING to do, but this weekend was a do-it or not proposition. I am extremely grateful to have all that stuff in storage and to be able to move around the house comfortably, but it wasn't something that had to be done. Then today started, and it has been run, run, run all day! My mind won't stop running, as you will be able to tell by the timestamp on this post. I attended my first PTO meeting, took care of getting the papers for our New Mexico closing signed by us, notarized, and off to the title company, went to the parents meeting for Maggie's scouts, filled out the papers for Gracie's scouts, et cetera and so on. I have now volunteered for a couple of things at the school, and my weekly schedule is quickly filling out. The newness of moving to a new place is wearing off quickly this time!

That's all for now - I've decided to try and post once each week, to not overwhelm me or you. I did turn on comments, so you can let me know if you are enjoying the blog. You can let me know if you don't as well, but I'll feel free to delete those! Good night!

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mommysimcik said...

I love the new name...can't wait to read your postings and share blogs together! Love you!