Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Beginning and an Ending. . .

First, the new beginning:

I've been thinking about posting on my web page blog, but it's such a pain to update the pages every time. I think I'm going to a hosted blog, so perhaps it won't be such a chore to update it.

Actually, life is full of new beginnings lately - A new job for Jerry, trying to get ready for another interstate move and putting our house on the market. It's been a few high-stress weeks. Well, we just this morning found out about an unfortunate ending. My Dad called to let us know my Aunt Suzanne had passed away this morning. It still hasn't sunk in, but it has occupied my thoughts all day. Suzanne was such an example of a gentle spirit - I will miss her greatly.

Being here, away from the main grouping of my family, has made this harder than it already is. We are awaiting notification of when the funeral will be, but being a whole day's travel, at minimum, this will be complicated. Yet, I wouldn't miss it. Family is just something you can't take for granted. That's a lot easier to say when you are not close by, and a lot easier to forget when you are quite near to everyone idiosyncrasies, but no one loves you like your family. We are certainly looking forward to getting closer back to ours.

Here's to new beginnings!

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