Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To Blog, or not to Blog. . .

Well, that's not exactly the question. I definitely want to blog, but how often is really the question. I thought once a week would be good, to not overwhelm folks, but generally, when I am waxing poetic in my head, it is not a good time to sit down and blog. By the time I actually sit down to type, the thoughts are gone. So, for now, I'll wing it, I guess.

As you have noticed, if you are reading this, I have changed my blog name. "Why?" you ask? I changed the settings on my blog to be public so folks wouldn't have to get a google account to read it, and also to make it easier for you guys to comment, which I have heard has been a problem. Well, no more! Comment away!

This week has been full of high drama (as if we have any other kind of week around here.) One of the high points was meeting Gracie's girl scout troop - 22 first graders all running around like crazy at the local museum. They had a great time, and Gracie totally melted down when it was time to leave. We tried to placate her with the thought that she'd see them next week, but that wasn't soon enough for her!

This weekend we took advantage of our new closer location to grandparents - my mom and stepdad came up and we attended the Oklahoma State Fair and Disney Princess Wishes on Ice. The fair itself was very good - we spent some time looking at exhibits and things and it had a very large midway with lots of rides, and of course, the ice show itself was excellent. The only thing that was completely insane was the parking. Let me tell you, Oklahoma hospitality and friendliness went out the window when the last parking space filled. After a good 20 minutes or more of roaming around a field packed with cars blocking each other in we finally managed to find someone who was leaving and nabbed their space. The girls were pretty good sports about the exhibits, but they were glad when we finally made it to the rides. The first thing they went on was a carousel - Grandma got on with them, but I stayed by the side. I was glad she got on though - that was the fastest carousel I've ever seen. I couldn't even get a picture, it was going so fast. Each time they came around I either got a blur or half a person in the photo because they went by so quickly. Next the girls rode down one of the big slides on a burlap bag - a state fair must. Then it was time for the show. Jerry got the girls cotton candy with a Flounder hat, and then at intermission we got a couple of souvenirs. When the girls and I got back from the souvenir stand Jerry asked, "Where's the change?" I replied, "What change? This is Disney!" He was in sticker shock, so I suppose it's good that we are starting out slowly - a trip to Disney World right off the bat might have killed him!

Once we got out of the show we still had tickets to burn, so we rode the carousel and the ariel tramway before making the long trek back to our car and fighting our way back out of the parking lot. It still amazes me how clearly I can hear my father's voice hollering, "SHOW YOUR INTENTIONS!" every time I am in a car that is trying to exit a parking lot with 5000 other cars, even if I'm not driving. This is because the first weekend I had my learner's permit, my dad tossed me the keys after a Ranger's baseball game and let me drive home. Ah, the memories. . .

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