Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Catching Up. . . June 2007

Summer vacation is here - 80 more days until school starts! We started off with an exciting moment for the girls - we went to Kidfest and they got to meet Ronald McDonald! They were thrilled to meet him and see his magic show.

Thankfully, Jerry was able to take off time for Gracie's surgery. He arrived that Thursday, which allowed him to also see the girls dance recital. They did a great job, and were very excited to get flowers afterwards.

Friday morning we got up early and I took a sleepy Maggie over to a friend's house for the morning. We got Gracie in her car seat, still in her pajamas, and headed to the hospital. She was in a good mood, and not nervous at all. She got into her special nightgown (hospital gown) and put on her special hat and watched Dora until they came to wheel her to the OR. After about an hour Dr. Eberhart came out and told us she did fine. Her adenoids were huge, so she should sleep much better now. We got to recovery, and she was still sleeping. We had quite a difficult time waking her up, and when she finally did wake up, she did not want to go home. She wanted to stay in her special pajamas and watch Dora! We finally bribed her with a wagon ride to the car and the promise of a new Dora video she could watch at home, and we were on our way. We had one scary moment during her recovery that almost had me calling 911 - she had all this excess mucus that her body was attempting to get rid of by vomiting, but it was so thick, she couldn't get it up. It seemed to lodge in her airway, and she couldn't breathe and was starting to panic and get a bit blue. Just as I was ready to pick up the phone to call, she got it up and we were okay. It scared us both pretty good though. To top off this day, Maggie's ear started hurting. Her tubes fell out around her birthday, and this is the third ear infection since then! ARGH!

Jerry left that Sunday to go back to work, and we really miss him. It was different when I left him in Oklahoma - I had to go back and do lots of stuff for the end of school, but this time when he left, it left a huge void! My other half is gone, and I'm missing him!

The girls and I did VBS the next week. They had a good time, and I helped in the kitchen and got to spend some time with other adults, which was nice.

Maggie lost her first tooth, but she doesn't want to leave it for the tooth fairy - she wants to keep it forever!

We had another visit to the hospital - this one unscheduled. We had had a long day where the girls were determined to get on my nerves. I was talking to a friend and she suggested that I needed a break. She was working on her scrapbook, so I should grab my stuff and join her for a couple of hours and relax. We headed over, and when we got there I noticed that there was a ceiling fan in the room that her girls shared that was over the foot of the bunk beds. I told the girls not to play on that bed, because the fan could hit them and hurt them. Then I asked, "Do you understand me?" and they said "Yes." Apparently, they forgot sometime in the next couple of hours, because two hours later, as I was getting my stuff packed up, Gracie comes flying into the room yelling, "Maggie got hit hard!" followed by blood-curdling screams from the bedroom. Sure enough, Maggie had climbed up on the bed and got clocked by the fan. Blood was everywhere! We got the bleeding stopped, and my friend, who has five children, thought she'd be okay, but I wanted to be sure. We headed to the emergency room and eventually got two stitches. Boy, was that not the relaxing evening I'd been hoping for!

I finally did get a bit of relaxing done - I hired the girls favorite babysitter to watch the girls for a day and I got out and did some shopping for myself and got a pedicure. It definitely makes me a more relaxed mommy when I get some time away from the girls.

On the home front, we did finally get the retaining wall completed, so we got the house listed. Unfortunately, it's one of 62 houses available in the same price range. We'll just hope for the best!

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