Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Well, our summer is officially over. We spent the final weekend going through a lot of stuff in the office, weeding through files and such while the girls played away most of Saturday. We had hoped to go to the aquatic center as a family during this, the last weekend of the swim season, but Jerry had a cold, so the girls and I went without him.

Labor day we met up with some friends we know from college and from Farmington who work with Jerry and had a cookout - ribs and hot dogs! They had a beautiful pool in their back yard, so the girls got in another 3 and a half hours of swimming. Needless to say, they were a couple of tired little puppies by Monday evening. This morning when I tried to wake them for school they were still pretty tired, but we made it on the bus okay.

I got my OK driver's license today, as well as got my car registered - I'm an official Okie now, I guess! Not much else got done, except catching up on this blog! Well, that's it for now. Perhaps I'll make this blog a tab on my home page to remind me to update it more often. There's always hope!

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