Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Limbo

Well, not much that is blog-worthy has gone on the last few days. Life has downshifted into the slow lane for me, mostly due to the fact that our landlord is renovating the master bathroom in the house we rent.

I'm actually very glad that this is happening - when we moved in, the nicest thing I could say about the shower was "gross." And that's putting it mildly. The tenants before us didn't seem to know what a hanger, closet, vacuum, dishwasher or sponge was for. I can say that with confidence, becuase when I first looked at the house as a possiblity for renting, they were still living here. I mean, I'm no fan of housework, but I just can't imagine not caring enough to not take care of my house for my family. Fast forward to our move-in date. The landlord did have the house surface cleaned, but I still felt compelled to deep clean certain things before we used them, the showers being one of them. In fact, I used an entire bottle of Tilex and scrubbed for a good long time - long enough that when I went to get my driver's licence the next day, they had trouble scanning my fingerprints - I had worn them smooth with my tilex and scouring pad. Still, the master shower left much to be desired, so when the landlord offered to redo it, I said "Sure, I can put up with a couple of weeks of inconvienience." Actually, I think it was three days I said I could put up with, but these things always take longer than they estimate. And then they decided that as long as they were replacing the shower, they might as well put tile flooring in and get rid of the carpet, so that adds a few more days. It's not like I have anything else to do, right?

I am trying to use this time that I am here at the house constructively. Last weekend I attended a scrapbooking crop with my sister and mom (and 950 other women) and had a great time, but got hardly any scrapbooking done - too busy visiting. I am using this time to try and catch up on my albums, and so far I've done pretty good. I'm enjoying having a dedicated craft room - Jerry never even peeks in there, so I can leave my stuff out and pick right back up when I get a chance! It's great.

Anyway, if anyone wants to chat - pick up the phone and call. Chances are, I'll be here!

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