Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catching Up - Back to School

This summer really seemed to fly by.  I was looking forward to having the summer off, and it was wonderful, but it just seemed to be over so soon! 

The girls started back to school just a few days before I did.  Both girls got up bright and early, even though their buses come almost an hour apart.  Maggie let me walk her to the bus stop, although once everyone started to show up, she let me know that it was perfectly okay if I wanted to head back down the street.  I stayed out of sight in our yard, blocked from view by the neighbor's tree, but still popped out to get the bus picture - thank goodness for zoom lenses! 

Gracie let me know that it was fine if I walked her to the bus stop this morning.  And every morning.  For the rest of her life.  Because she will ALWAYS love me.  I just smiled, and let her know that someday, she too, will want me to am-scray, and that's okay.  I am raising these two to leave me one day, not to stay with me forever, as much as it tugs on my heartstrings to watch them getting more grownup in every first-day picture.

Whatever, mom!  See ya!  

The first day, it was just these three at the bus stop - old friends that have been with us since we moved here.  The second day I decided to take the dog with us to the bus stop, with a plan to continue on our way once the kids have been picked up.  Well, the second day there were about sixteen kids at the bus stop - most of them kindergartners or first graders.  The border collie in Oreo came out - she wanted to herd those kids so bad! 

My first day of school went well - after reviewing my syllabus, I'm thinking it seems too easy.  Both courses are practical, with no big research papers.  I keep waiting for someone to say, oh, by the way, there will be a 50 page final paper due at the end of the semester.  It just seems too good to be true! 

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