Thursday, January 24, 2013

Catching Up - Basketball

This year marks the first year that Maggie can play competitive sports through the school.  I half expected her to do archery, since she seemed to like it so much at family camp, but she didn't make any noise about joining any teams until it was time to try out for basketball.  I asked her if she wanted to do Upward this year, but she said she wanted to play through the school instead.

The first two weeks of the season they practiced every day after school.  This was nothing like Upward either - Maggie found that out the first day.  She came home and told me they had to run a lap for every ball they dropped during a passing drill, had to run up and down the bleachers for every free throw they missed during a free throw drill, and had to do sit ups for something else.  The second day it was more of the same - she listed the number of laps and situps she did, and I was exhausted just listening to her.  I half expected her to quit before the first week was out, but she persevered - definitely more athletic than her mom!  The up side - she was eating well and sleeping soundly!

Once the varsity team was picked, Maggie and the other the remaining girls were put on to two JV teams.  They play other JV teams in our district, so all our games are in town - not a bad deal.  

The morning after my graduation Maggie had a basketball game, so all the grandparents stuck around for that.  Maggie was convinced that her big cheering section gave them an edge, and it must have - they won the game! Here's our gal in action:

The winning score!

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