Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catching Up - State Fair

Sometimes it feels like we've lived in Oklahoma forever.  When I think of all the times we've been to the State Fair, it feels like a bunch, but really, this was only our fifth time to go (we skipped the year where the Disney on Ice show was Hannah Montana.)  You know, I think I've now attended the Oklahoma State Fair more times than I ever attended the Texas State Fair, and to be honest, I think I prefer the one in Oklahoma.  It has a better layout, better midway, and the neighborhood around it isn't nearly as scary.  Sometimes it amazes me that my kids will not learn Texas history, but will know all about the Oklahoma Land Run.  Who'da thunk? 

This year the Disney on Ice show was Tangled and Cinderella.  It was Dad and Terri's turn to join us for the fair, so they came up that weekend and we headed out.  What a mess!  We got a late start, just because no one was in a hurry, and that was a mistake.  There had been rain for the few days before, and we forgot how many of the parking lots at the fair are dirt, or, after a rain, mud.  It took us almost a full trip around the area before we could find a lot that we could get into. 

We hit the midway, and the girls wanted to ride all their old favorites.  Nana is a state fair junkie - she loves the rides, the food, everything - so I didn't have to get to ride the rides this year.   Sadly, neither of the girls wanted to ride a burlap sack down the big slide.  I guess we have outgrown that. 

The girls still loved the Disney on Ice show - how many more years will they think this is "cool" to do with their parents and grandparents?  Don't answer - I don't really want to know.  I'm not ready to be outgrown with the slides!  

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