Friday, January 18, 2013

Catching Up - Camp

The first weekend of November the girls went camping at Red Rock Canyon State Park with their scout troop.  There were actually a lot of troops at the park at the same time.  They had plenty of adult supervision on this trip, so I didn't go - Jerry and I got to have a date night!  We went to a fancy restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  Afterwards we went to the mall and did a little looking around until they closed.  As we left we saw the Cheesecake Factory across the parking lot, so we went and sat at the bar and ordered desserts.  Out past ten - what a night! 

The girls meanwhile were enjoying their weekend.  They had been predicting cold and rainy weather right up until that weekend, but then it all held off until after the weekend was over, so they had great fun.  Maggie thought it was still pretty cold when she rolled out of her sleeping bag (no heat in the cabins), but I'm sure it could have been much colder!

At the State Park

Plush Accommodations!


Taking a Break
Heading back to the cabins!
 The girl's leader had great things to say about them when they got back - and they had great things to say about camping.  They were tired, but not too tired for a movie, so we went to see Wreck-It Ralph after they got home.  Some alone time, some couple time, and some family time, all in one weekend.  Who could ask for more?

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