Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Catching Up - Carving Pumpkins

We got right down to the wire this year for our pumpkin carving.  The girls are pretty much big enough to carve pumpkins by themselves, as I found out last year when they practically finished before I even got in there to take a picture.  This year I headed right in, took a picture of them beginning, and then fell to carving my own pumpkin.  I had purchased four, and this year we actually managed to carve all four pumpkins!
Gracie had talked about wanting to carve a pumpkin with freckles all month long, and I kept trying to dissuade her, because I thought small points of light would be very hard to carve.  She nodded, but apparently not in agreement, as when I was finished with my pumpkin, she was about half-way through the freckles on hers.  She was right not to listen to her mama, because her pumpkin came out super cute - I think it looks like one of the French Peas on VeggieTales!  Mine is next in the lineup below, and then Maggie's, who drew a lot of her features on with a black marker, so it's hard to make out in the photo - hers is a puppy dog pumpkin.  Jerry went with triangle eyes to be different.  They all turned out well, I thought.

Jerry's employer has many activities for Halloween, and they encourage people to dress up - giving prizes and everything.  Each year they set a theme so that if you don't want to dress as something in particular, you can dress up as something generic.  This year it was a pirate theme.  Now, Jerry isn't much for costumes, but he hates being heckled for not dressing up too, so he came up with an idea, and I helped with the execution.

Aye, mateys!  It's the perfect pirate costume for an IT guy, don't you think?

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