Monday, October 24, 2011

The State Fair

September means the State Fair here in Oklahoma, and once again, we attended. We got a bit of a late start this year, partially due to the cookie-making antics of my mother and I as we tried to put the finishing touches on a cookbook I've been working on. I'm happy to say it is very near completion!
Last year we left before we had used all our midway tickets, and the girls were ready to make sure that did not happen again. We hit the midway first. The traditions were upheld.

We slid on the slides:

We played in the fun houses:

We swung on the swings:

We hit the roller coasters - Gracie wasn't tall enough for the big one, so she rode the kid coaster while Maggie and Jerry rode the big one:
Gracie (third row)
Jerry and Maggie (fourth row)

The big thrill this year was the hang-glider ride. The girls rode this one at least three times:

One new thing we did this year that we had not done before was to go see the sea lions. The girls were enthralled, so we had our pictures made too.

Pretty soon it was time to eat our dinner and head to the Disney on Ice show. See if you can guess what show was playing this year:

Did you guess Toy Story 3? It was pretty good. The girls were still on the edges of their seats, still waving to the characters, still gasping in surprise at Buzz flying through the air. Each year it brings tears to my eyes to see them so enthralled, and each year I fear it is the last. After the show we had a few midway tickets left, so we used them on the way to the car. Here's a parting shot:

Until next year!

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