Monday, October 10, 2011

And They Swam And They Swam. . .

Okay - back momentarily to our busy summer. I'm determined to cover it all, so here we go!

The girls decided (OK, I decided) that we should try out swim team this year. I in particular, did not want us to stay in our pajamas all day every day this summer, which is what we tended to default to last summer. I figured that if we joined swim team, we'd be up and active - and we were. The girls swam four mornings a week. At first they were in the same practice group, but because so many kids signed up, they split them up into three groups. Gracie landed in the intermediate group, and Maggie in the advanced group, so they swam at different times. This meant we were at the pool from around 9:15 to 11:00. I would take my current reading material for my class, and sit in the shade. Both girls really improved their swimming this year - I would say they are now better swimmers than I am. They most certainly have better endurance than I do!

So, here's some of our swimming shots:

The girls swam four meets - we went to two, Nana and Granddad covered one, and Mimi and Pepaw went to the all-city meet at the end. This was, I think, the second meet. (I forgot the camera for the first one - Bad Mommy!)

These are the girl's team photos:

And here they are at the end with some of their ribbons.

They both did very well, and improved their swimming immensely. I am very proud of them!

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