Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rodents on Loan

Back in May or June, the mother of one of Gracie's classmates called me and asked if we would be open to hosting two gerbils while they took an extended trip across the world.  Although they weren't leaving until September, she was trying to be proactive in finding the critters accomodations.  Since Gracie has been longing to have a small furry critter of her own, I thought this might be a great opportunity to see how she did with the responsibility, without actually having to purchase a pet, so I said that we would be happy to care for the gerbils. 
Then came June, July and August.  And I have to admit, I totally forgot that I had said we would be rodent caretakers.  Until I got a call asking, "Can I bring the gerbils over today?"  I only hope I didn't sound too confused when I said, "Um.  Gerbils.  Oh.  Yea, sure, bring them on over!"

So now we are introducing two gerbils into our family.  Literally.  Here's Gracie introducing the gerbils to her Lego minifigure collection:

Now, I'm pretty sure the gerbils had names when they were dropped off, but the girls have declared (after several trial choices) that the gerbils are now named "Harry" and "Ron".   I'm sure no one has thought of those names before!

Welcome to the family, Harry and Ron!

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