Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Double Digits

Although our summer was busy, we did not forget about Gracie's birthday (although the grandparents thought we did. I forgot to send them invitations. Doh!)

Gracie went back and forth about what she wanted to do for her birthday, wavering between a party and a sleepover. She decided on a LaserQuest party with a Pokemon theme.

The day before the party I made the cake:

Pikachu Cake
Gracie was so excited! (I can't tell you how many times I've used the pattern transfer technique I learned in the first Wilton cake decorating class - totally worth the price of the class just for that little gem!)

The Plan
Gracie laid out her super special birthday outfit - I think it's the accessories that make this one - what do you think?
The Execution

We went to the LaserQuest arena, and the staff took it from there. All of Gracie's friends showed up, and they had a great time. It was funny to see how the boys all dressed in black and were very serious about the game, while the girls were just there to have fun. After lining up to get their player names entered into the computer, they disappeared into the arena until it was time for cake and ice cream - a very low stress party to be sure.

My name is "PINKY"

The Birthday Girl gets wrapped

Gracie and her friends

Singing to Gracie

Happy Birthday, Miss Gracie!

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