Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

Today I am beginning to wonder if I'm not having a case of the jug not running dry like we studied in Isaiah last Sunday evening. You know what I'm talking about, right? The widow with just enough flour and oil to make one last meal that turned into many meals because God miraculously multiplied it, right? Well, the girls had a bake sale at school a week or two ago, and I (not being in a baking state of mind) decided to dip pretzel rods into candy coating and put sprinkles on them for my bake sale contribution. In my dipping inexperience I melted a whole block of candy coating, and it ended up being way too much. After all the pretzels were gone I still had at least half of it left. I slapped a lid on the container and set it aside, making plans to buy some more pretzels and finish it off later, rather than being wasteful.

Fast forward to today, when I finally got around to dipping more pretzels. I finished of a second bag of pretzels, and still had more. So I did some peanut butter crackers. Still had more. Seriously, if you stood still long enough in my kitchen, you risked being coated - there was that much left over. I remembered that once at a scrapbooking retreat someone had brought popcorn that had been tossed with the candy coating - it was a wonderful blend of salty and sweet - so I popped some popcorn and mixed some coating in -delish!

After that I threw out what was left. It was like the Midas touch - you think never ending white-chocolate coating will make you happy, but. . . not so much. It just gives you a tummy ache!

**** Warning to Terri ****
Snake Picture Coming Up
**** End of Warning ****
Sorry to ruin the surprise here, but Terri's been known to toss pictures of snakes across the room when she comes across one in a book, and I didn't want to be responsible for her tossing her new laptop across the house.

Can you guess what I found in my house tonight? I was walking from the guest room to the kitchen and saw a little squiggle on the floor. "Um, honey? There's a snake in the house."

We got a container from the kitchen and Jerry scooped it up. It probably wasn't 12 inches long, but it was a snake, nonetheless. We looked at it and determined it was most likely harmless, and Jerry let it go in the backyard WAY back in the back flowerbed. What I'm wondering is a) How did it get in, and b) how did it get all the way to the kitchen from any outside door without us noticing it? I know Boo is an elderly cat, but I gave her a talking to about earning her keep. Here's our critter:

Cute, isn't it?

In other news, guess what? I'm a terrible waiter. Not in like the serving sense, but in the being patient sense. Remember how I sent in my application to Graduate School last week? Then I sent in the application for the specific program I wanted on Monday. Can you believe that when I called on Tuesday they didn't know anything about me or whether I'd been accepted? Geez, people, let's get it together! I did make it into their computer system on Wednesday though. I got an e-mail from the housing department letting me know that all freshman are required to live in the dorm their first year, so I better fill out a housing application and send in my application fee for that pronto!

Well, I guess I better learn patience, because the lady said that if I take my GRE on April 15, which is when I am registered, I can expect to hear something by May 7 or so. Luckily, I have plenty of math re-learning to keep me busy between now and then. And then I can spend the rest of the time cleaning up the mess after my head explodes from all the stuff I'm trying to re-learn. Fun, fun, fun!!!

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