Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Resume

Today I took a big step. I applied to Graduate School. Yes, after months of talking about it, today I signed the application, wrote the check and ordered my transcripts. I am officially waiting to be rejected. Or not. We'll see.

Actually, filling out the application to the University was the easy part. All very simple questions, nothing too challenging, just the facts, ma'am. Now I'm on to filling out the application for the particular program at the university, and it's a bit more challenging. Yes, they still want to know my name, address and ethnicity. The first thing that gave me pause was that they want to know when, exactly, I'll be taking the GRE, since I haven't taken that pesky little test yet. Um. . . There's several dates that will work for me, but if I commit, that means I'll have to really study that GRE book instead of peruse it as I fall asleep. (Can you hear my Dobie Gillis tendencies kicking in? Study? STUDY!!??!!)

Fine. I'll schedule the test as soon as Jerry gets home and I can ask his opinion about two possible dates. That blank can be filled in pretty quickly. Let's move on.

Okay - here's a question. When they ask for the past colleges that you attended, do they want to know what they were called when you attended, or what they are called now? Nothing stays the same, you know. Hmmm. I'll ponder that for a moment, but I think I'll stick with what they were called then, because THAT's where I went.

Now come the challenging parts. First, the resume. No, no, not just a resume - a Professional Resume. As in,
Using an additional sheet, describe your present and past employment history, including any volunteer work. Include dates of employment, job titles, and duties performed.
Okay. First I opened up my last "professional" resume. That is, the one that got me my last job. First thing I did was remove all the computer training and certifications - they are so outdated they might as well not be there - and made a heading for February 2000 to present. Now comes the hard part - what exactly have I been doing for the last ten years? Hmmm. I changed a lot of diapers. . . was the first thing that went through my head. Wiped a lot of noses. . . and other things. . . Somehow I think they'll be looking for more. I began thinking of all the e-mail forwards I get on a regular basis, talking about mom's listing themselves as "Research Associates" and other high-falutin titles. The ones that talk about what mothers are worth, and so forth. And while I do believe with all my heart that what I do for my kids and husband is important, and worthwhile, and irreplaceable, it's just so hard to put into resume form. And unlike my blog audience, I can't be sure the admissions board has a sense of humor.

So here's what I've got so far:

February 2000 - present - Homemaker - AKA Crisis Management
  • Responsible for well being and safety of two active children as well as day-to-day functioning of a household of four.
  • Reduced expenditures to live comfortably on one income, allowing me to stay at home with my little darlings.
  • Organized and implemented four moves between three states.
  • Girl Scout volunteer - troop leader, program coordinator, cookie management
  • Library volunteer at the girls school - read to kids, circulation, shelving etc. (I'm applying for a library program)

Well, it's getting there, anyway.

Now for the next bugger-boo - they want a "Statement of Purpose and Goals." This entails a one- to two-page essay stating my purpose and goals in applying to the program. Now, perhaps this is just me, but isn't everyone's goal who applies to this program to

A) Get a Degree (short-term goal) and
B) Get a Job (long-term goal)?

Could we be over-thinking this just a bit? Sigh. So, now I'm off to write a one- to two- page essay on why I want to totally re-arrange my life to get another degree and find a job. (JOB!!??!!) Perhaps the purpose of this essay is to make me decide if I want to do this after all. Oh well, I've already written the check for the application and sent it off, so I might as well try to work the sarcasm out of this essay.

Wish me luck!