Thursday, April 29, 2010

A History Lesson

Yesterday evening, after Gracie was finished with her spelling homework, she flipped to the back of the dictionary, where they have all the past presidents pictured along with their birth/death/and service dates.

"Hmmm," she observed, looking at the most recent presidents, "They don't know when these guys died."

"That's because they are still alive." I said.

"Oh." She continued perusing. "This is Lincoln!" She exclaimed, pointing to his picture. "He saved our state."

"Saved our state?" I repeated, about to make the distinction between state and country.

"Yes, with the silverware." She replied.

I couldn't help it. "Silverware?" I asked, cracking up.

She could tell by my laughter that she didn't have it quite right, so she said, "You know, with the slavery and all. That war - what was it called?"

"The Civil War." I said.

"Yes. The Civil War." She repeated.

I explained the difference between our state and our country, and the lesson was over, but I chuckled about the silverware for awhile.

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