Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am not sure that words can adequately express what my first week of graduate school has been like. I'll try though:

Being buried by an avalanche.

Drinking from a fire hose.


Are you getting a picture in your mind?

I have spent every waking moment this week (that I didn't already have something pre-scheduled) glued to my laptop. Oh! MY! GOSH!!

There have been moments of shock - like opening up my third and final syllabus and finding a 49 page document. Ouch! Or stepping away from my computer long enough to go to a doctor's appointment and cook dinner and coming back to over 150 posts on the discussion boards. Don't these other students have anything else to do?!! So, I did what any good planner would do. I made a project plan. A combined list of deliverables in an Excel spreadsheet with dates to start and complete each task. It's only 18 pages long.

Inhale. . . Exhale. . . Deep cleansing breaths. . .

I feel like Shifu in Kung Fu Panda, going, "Inner peace. In-in-inner peace." as his eye twitches.

The scariest thing is that I still have several weekly obligations for the school year that haven't even started yet! I have one week to either get this into a workable situation or drop a class. (I'm signed up for three.) I just pray it becomes apparent which I should do in the next several days.

Pray for me!!!

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