Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of School, Part Deux

So, today was the first day of school - for me!

Here I am, ready to go! Since I did such a lousy job of first day of school photos by the door for the girls yesterday morning, we took a bunch of us today. Here's us, ready to go, with all our bags and lunchboxes!

One of my neighbors is a professor at OU, and she had offered to give me a ride on my first day. (I had a 9 to 5 orientation to attend.) Our girls ride the bus together, so after our pictures, the girls and I grabbed our stuff and headed up the road to the bus stop:

(By the way, that is not a bird's nest on top of my head in the last picture, it's just that some of our infamous wind came sweeping down the plain, and well. . . here's second shot, farther away, but with better hair! )

The girls got on the bus, and I got into a much, much better ride, and off we went. There were about 55 people in my orientation - they've decided to split the class into two sections since there were so many of us - and it's a pretty good mix of people. There were a few folks in my age group, and lots that had been out of school less than five years. Some were already working in libraries and just coming to get their degrees, and a few like me that are making career changes. It promises to be an interesting mix of people - I am sure I will learn a lot. The big things I took away from the orientation -

  1. It's all about connecting people with information.

  2. Graduate students are researchers - we gather information from multiple sources, then synthesize it and add our own voice.

  3. Librarians are not all like this:

We can be hip! Here's the proof:

Of course, I already knew that - Aunt Jane was (and is!) my role model for how a librarian should be!

Let the good times roll!

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Wendy said...

Have you ever seen the Phineas & Ferb episode where they're getting the band back together? The librarian-drummer is singing "ain't got rhythm, no I ain't got rhythm" while he stamps books & puts them away in a rhythm. SO GREAT. That is what I will picture you doing.

Found it!