Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wierd Science

Well, for those of you who were waiting on the edge of your chair to see how Maggie's science project turned out, here are the results. Actually, these are our victims. Three perfectly healthy marigolds. Maggie potted them and attached the labels so we would be able to tell them apart, and then we proceeded to water them with their designated substances:
By day three, they were looking a bit desperate.

It didn't particularly help that the backyard critters were also attracted to our non-water plants. The milk and soda plants were eventually destroyed by critter attacks.

Maggie wanted to include a photo of herself working on her project in her display. I loved this photo of her journaling with her subjects:

But she preferred this one where she is smiling. Of course, it was her project, so this one won.

Now, here's the overview of her board. She made a pencil sketch on a piece of paper first, then arranged everything and we had to resize some of the photos so it would all fit, but she made sure it would all work before she pasted it down.

She took great care in selecting little accent stickers to put on the corners of her text to make sure it all stuck to the board well, choosing a different but or flower for each piece of paper.

But this was the best part, I thought. The focal point of the whole display was the picture of her. I don't know if you can see the picture clearly, but check out the stickers on the corners of her photo:

In case you can't read them, they say, "Awesome", "Exciting", "Terrific", and "Fantastic." At the top of the photo is a caption that says, "The scientist that made this experiment happen!" I know that as a mother of girls, I often worry about their self-esteem. I'm beginning to think I worry about that too much. It doesn't seem to be a problem here!

Needless to say, (perhaps due to the power of suggestion?) Maggie did very well on her experiment. Perhaps a scientist has been born!

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