Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stormy Weather Makes Great Clouds!

We've had some pretty intense storms this month. Once the girls and I got into our storm shelter for about forty-five minutes. It was a bit funny, because the storm came through about 4:45 at our house. The majority of the weather was south of us, about 12 tornadoes, and several people were killed. They reported that in 9:00 news in DFW, so all the sudden, as we are tucking the girls into bed we start getting flooded with calls from concerned family members wanting to know if were were okay. A delayed reaction, as it was.

Still, I guess were are getting acclimated to the storms, because as they blew through again the next week, instead of taking cover in the storm shelter, I was out on the back porch, taking photos of the clouds just like a native Oklahoman. At least until they started rotating. Just Kidding, Mom! The sky above our house was perfectly clear at this point, and as the sun was setting, it made some really interesting cloud shapes. Here's a nice one:

And I think that the right side the next one looks like a turtle or chameleon (the sun spot would be it's mouth). I think it's about to hack up a tornado. Better go get in the shelter. . .

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