Tuesday, May 25, 2010


One thing we've been glad to get back to in May is our (almost) daily walks. Now that the girls have the training wheels off their bikes, they charge ahead. We see a lot of this:

We have a lot of walking trails that go through the neighborhood that adjoins ours, and we use them often. On the way to the park the trail runs up against a fence line of a horse breeder's property. It's a scenic (if sometimes pungent) addition to the neighborhood. There were no horses today, although they have two colts that are just cute as, well, um, new colts, up in the front pasture. Jerry and I shudder to think what will happen if they ever sell out to a developer.
Anyway, once we get to the park Jerry and I walk around the trail around pool and playground as the girls zoom by us and occasionally stop to play. They are putting in new playground equipment this week - we can hardly wait to see what improvements get made.

Gracie's all about speed, but Maggie likes to mug for the camera as she goes by.

Sometimes they take turns being the leader, but more often than not they ride halfway across from each other so they can each say that they are the leader. Whatever works!

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