Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nail Art

Woo-hoo! I believe this is a record number of posts per month for me! I mean, just because I split everything up instead of trying to finish one long post doesn't mean that these don't count - 'cause they DO!

I went on Tuesday to get a pedicure and have a relaxing moment before the girls are out for summer vacation. After that I felt inspired, so I got some white and yellow nail polish and proceeded to try my hand at nail art (on Maggie's fingers - not on my freshly paid-for pedicure.)

She and I have a deal - if I paint her nails, she will work on not picking at the skin around her fingernails. So far it's working okay (not great) but she picks off the polish instead of the skin. Better, but not perfect. Last time she asked if I could do dots, but I didn't have the proper tools for the job, or at least I thought I didn't. Well, after a trip to Sally Beauty Supply I now have a proper nail art brush, and Target supplied all the funky nail polish colors you could want.

So, could I stop at just dots? No! I wanted to do something one step up. We went for flowers - also known as glorified dots. Specifically, white petals with yellow centers. First I tried using the little brush. The first one looked more like a fried egg. Checking the numerous articles on the Internet, I got a standard toothpick and made the dots. Too little. Finally we hit upon the perfect tool - a fancy toothpick from Cracker Barrel. They have only one end that is pointy, and the other end has ridges carved into it. Why we even have them, I don't know. They are too special to use for teeth - we've had this pack for at least five years and have maybe used two. Well, now they've found their purpose, because the larger end makes perfect flower dots.

Who'd'a thunk?

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