Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Well, we are back into winter wonderland (a.k.a. no school) time. It started getting all slick yesterday around 10:00 AM, and the ice/snow is still coming down. Here's a view out the front window:

And here's one out the back:

Gracie has had a cough and drainage, so yesterday I called the pediatrician and was lucky enough to call right after someone who cancelled a 9:30 appointment. I thought that was great, since I really wanted to be home by the time the nasty weather hit, so I got her from school and we headed off. By the time we left there at 10:00, it was already getting slick - the kind where it drizzles and then freezes, so it looks like nothing is there, but when you step on it, you slide like crazy.

We tried to get Gracie's medicine, but after sliding across some slippery patches and feeling my anti-lock brakes kick in a couple of times we gave up driving around the pharmacy and let Daddy get it on the way home. Gracie and I went home and rested. Still, at 3:30, Maggie was coming home on the bus. I made it about two steps out onto the sheet of ice that was our driveway before I turned around and went back in. I got a leftover bag of sand and carried all 21 lbs with me to the bus stop, walking through the grass, and when I came to a drive or sidewalk I had to cross, I'd sprinkle sand as I went. It took all 21 pounds to get to the bus stop. The bus was 25 minutes late due to the slick conditions, and I stood out there the entire time. By the time the bus got there I was coated in sleet - my glasses were totally coated, and my hair was sticking out every which way. I looked quite a fright.

On the way back home we met our neighbor, Joe, walking his dog, Blazer. You can practically set your watch by Joe. He had some of those spikes that you stretch over your shoes, and they seemed to work really well. I'll have to invest in some of those.

Just in case you think snow days are all fun, the medicine the doctor gave Gracie this morning made her sick to her stomach, after a breakfast of Lucky Charms. Let's just say it gave a new meaning to the phrase, "Technicolor Yawn". I definitely see new carpet in our future in her room. Between the red paint and the new, large, vibrant neon pea green splotch, it's just a matter of time. Someone get that oxy-clean guy over here. He's irritating, but if he can get that stain out, I'll put up with him.

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