Thursday, January 22, 2009

What A Morning!


This morning has been unusually active. The girls got up easily this morning, mostly because it is class picture day, and I told Maggie that if she wanted me to curl her hair, she'd have to be more prompt at getting ready than she is most mornings so I would have time.

After the girls ate their cereal I took Gracie into the spare bathroom to give her some mucinex for her congestion before she went to get dressed. She doesn't like the way it tastes, and wasn't paying attention as she went to set her blankie on the toilet while she took the medicine. What she failed to notice was that the toilet seat was up. Yup, she dropped her blankie right into the potty. After a sufficient amount of wailing, we got the blankie into the washer and took the medicine.

Right about then, the phone rings - it's Jerry. He forgot some important papers here at the house, so I got them and read him the notes he had made for a meeting that he was about to go to. This of course, puts us a bit behind, considering I still need to curl Maggie's hair. I do that, but by now we have missed the bus, so into the car we load up.

So, that's been my very active morning. My original plan was to walk the kids with me half-asleep to the bus stop and then get back in bed, but by this time I was very awake. The reason I want to go back to bed is because I didn't sleep too much last night. Ever since I had strep I have been very achy and running a mild fever, so I went to the doctor yesterday. He agrees that something is not right, but as far as what it is, we are into another game of "Stump the Doctor." He thinks it might be some type of strep-induced arthritis, which would pass on it's own, but has also ordered tests to check for things like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. So last night when I woke up at 3:15 AM I couldn't get back to sleep for all the "what if" thoughts running around in my head. If I know that God is in control, and that whatever happens he can work for good, WHY can't I just let it go and move on? Can you? If so, please tell me how to do it!

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