Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Long Time, no Post!

I know I have not been posting often lately, but so many things have been happening around here that have been big enough to be actual news, that my life seems pretty trivial in comparison. Still, I know you don't read my blog for the national news, so I suppose I shouldn't let that stop me!

First, thanks to all of you who have inquired of our well-being during the severe weather.  The closest tornado to us was about a mile north, and it was not a big one, but we still got into our storm shelter.  The devastation in Moore and El Reno is horrible, and as bad as the pictures on the news are, it doesn't compare to seeing it in person.  We decided to volunteer over Memorial Day weekend, but we wanted to volunteer as a family and not go into the actual damaged area because we thought it would be too overwhelming for the girls. We decided to volunteer with the salvation army, but when we got there we found out the kids had to be 18 or over to volunteer, so only Jerry and I could help out in that endeavor. That was a bit disappointing for the girls, because they like to help. As Maggie said after a different ministry opportunity with our church, "It feels good to help people!"  Jerry and I helped all afternoon, and it was an amazing, although exhausting, experience.

On the  job front, I am almost done with alternative certification.  I passed my teacher exams with flying colors, and made it past the Teacher Competency Review Panel with a recommendation to the board of Education to issue me a certificate.  Now I am just waiting for them to do so at the next state Board of Education meeting, scheduled for the 25th. 

I'll update you on what else has been happening in the next few posts. . . I promise!

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