Friday, May 24, 2013

My Nemesis

Today was the day I was finally going to conquer my nemesis, the Kitchen Sink.

"The kitchen sink?"  you may wonder.

Yes, the Kitchen Sink.  From the first moment I fixed our first dinner when we moved into this house almost five years ago, I have hated this sink.

Yes, yes, I know - I hear Aunt Jane's voice in the back of my head, "We don't hate, we intensely dislike."  Well, guess what?  I'm making an exception for this sink.  Why?  Because it has a rounded bottom.  What this means is that whenever you set a glass or similar object in the sink, it falls over.  Whoever thought this was a good feature for a kitchen sink should be taken out behind the woodshed and given 1,726 swats with a wet noodle (one for each time something has fallen over in my sink.)

You may think I'm over-reacting, but others have reached the same conclusion.  My father-in-law seemed to think I was overly-emotional about my sink. . . until they came and stayed for a week with my girls while Jerry and I went out of town.  Upon our return, the first thing he said to me was, "You are right - that sink is terrible.  Buy a new one."

So, finally, five years later, I have bought a new sink.  A lovely Kohler, cast-iron enameled sink with the "Smart-Divide" feature.  When I got it home I opened the box, took a glass and made sure it would stand up and not fall over in the new sink.  It passed with flying colors!  I could hardly wait for the installers to arrive!

Last night I removed all the cleaning products that have been multiplying under my sink for the last five years.  Today the installers arrived, and after much effort, informed me that they cannot remove the old sink.  They were surprised, as in the last 20 years of installing sinks, they have never, as in NOT EVER, had a sink they couldn't remove.

But then. . .

There's MY sink.  My nemesis.  I'm beginning to think the only way I'll ever be rid of the sink is to move.


So, they hooked the old sink/faucet/disposer back up and left, crappy sink intact.  I'm waiting to hear from the countertop folks to see if they can figure out some way to dislodge the sink without ruining the countertops.  If not, I guess I'll have to save up for new countertops if I ever want to get rid of the sink.

Well played, Evil Sink, well played.

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Jennifer D said...

What? No picture of the evil sink?