Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow. . . Up Close and Personal

Well, we are at home again. We have Snowklahoma part two this week - now on the sixth snow day for the girls, and the third for Jerry. Apparently though, not many people bothered to check in from home on the last snow days, so this time they caveated their "the office will be closed" e-mail with "but we expect you to work from home if at all possible."

Today's snow is a bit different - a lot fluffier and softer than the last one. There is also not nearly as much wind, so everything is, well soft and fluffy. Here's the backyard:

And a close up of the lanterns on the table reveals the soft fluffiness of the snow:

But that still didn't convey the fluffiness of it all, so I decided to take a close up of the snow on the window sill. My standard portrait lens wouldn't focus that close up, so I ran and got my macro lens that Jerry got me for my birthday several years back, and, wah-lah:

Detail of fluffy snow. Of course, I was making this hard for myself, trying to take the picture of the windowsill outside the kitchen window over the sink - duh! Let's move to a window that doesn't have a counter and sink in front of it! I went over to the breakfast nook, but the screen made the window sill shot icky. I looked up, and there was a snowflake stuck to the window. Hm. . . click:

Cool, but blurry. Back to the closet to get the tripod, and click!:



And about forty more clicks, but these were the best. And you know what they say is the difference between and amateur and professional photographer? The professional only shows you the good ones! I'm working my way up from amateur, so that's all you get to see!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled snow day. . .

But Wait! There's more!!!

*** *** *** Encore *** *** ***

Still gotta watch out for that yellow snow. . .


terrilou said...

Wow!!!!! And how many hours of course work are you taking?
I enjoyed this blog!!!!!

Wendy said...

What amazing pictures, Suzy!

I'm a little jealous of your snow. Especially today. I'm commenting LOOOOONG after you wrote this & I'm sure Okie-homa is very hot today... but it's hot here, too! I want some snow, please!