Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, it's snow day number two in Snow-klahoma. It is very, very cold, but of course the question of the day ( times 5000 ) from Gracie is, "When can we play in the snow?" Never mind that it is 8 degrees with a windchill of -9. Frostbite and hypothermia mean nothing to her. I told her that when I got ready to shovel the drive I would take her out there with me, so she's already gotten bundled up. I suppose it would be cruel to break it to her that I wasn't planning on shoveling the drive until Saturday. . .

We are all at home. The girls school cancelled, Jerry's work cancelled, even OU cancelled, but as far as I can tell, cancellations don't apply to online courses. If they do, no one sent out an e-mail. Since they don't add snow days to college semesters, it's up to the professors to adjust their syllabus to fit everything in, so it's better to just keep the online schedule going. The downside is that since the girls and Jerry are around, I have a few more distractions than normal. Still, I managed to finish the two papers that were due yesterday. That seems almost miraculous to me, but not for reasons that involve the weather.

My frustrations at this point involve one of my professors. We are now two full weeks into the course, past the drop date, and she has yet to teach us anything. She did finally put up the syllabus after a week, told us to read chapter one, two young adult novels, and write a paper discussing the literary elements of the book on each one, but, other than posting a handout of questions on literary elements, she's not gone over any of it. No examples, no guidance, nada. She hasn't opened a discussion board so we can ask questions, she hasn't posted the content to the online site that the syllabus says is supposed to be there, no recorded lectures, nothing! When I contact her, I get a reply saying how sorry she is, and that it will be there soon, but then nothing happens! I'm not sure what to do next. This professor is in charge of us School Library Media Specialist wanna-bes, and I'm going to have to work with her for the next three years, so I don't want to go burning any bridges, but this is ridiculous. I pay thousands of dollars to OU, and this is what I get? The kicker is that this was a course that I was really looking forward to, and now it's become a source of nothing but frustration.

I suppose I could go work out my frustrations on the driveway. I know that would make at least one person very, very happy.

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