Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOOOOOOOOOW-klahoma where the snow comes blowing down the plain. . .

Here's what it looks like when 11.8 inches of snow (official total for February 1, 2011) meets our famous Oklahoma wind. Snow dunes!

Aye, yi, yi, I am tired of snow!

Well, the girls and I were home for another snow day today. About an hour after I got up this morning, GUESS WHAT! It started snowing again! Whoop-de-do!

Still, today was more fun that some of the other snow days so far. I realized that the paper that I thought was due today isn't due until tomorrow, so GUESS WHAT! I decided to procrastinate!

Instead, I enjoyed the day teaching the girls how to play Clue!, which they got for Christmas, and making Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup, which was tasty! I did not totally shirk off my schoolwork though - I did keep up with my discussion boards, because every day you "take off" is just another day you have to catch up.

Gracie and I spent a little over two hours outside Wednesday - her playing with some of the neighborhood kids, and me shoveling the drive. (Nine weight-watchers points - YEAH - enough to have hot chocolate with whipped cream when we came in!) Jerry was inside, recuperating. He had yet another cold, so he didn't enjoy his snow days either.

Anyway, Gracie and I got properly bundled:

And worked our way out the door:

When Gracie had had enough, we went back inside and enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate with PLENTY of whipped cream.

Apparently, she had enough, because although she did briefly mention going outside this morning, she hasn't pursued the thought.

So now we are on to the weekend - still snowed in, for the most part, because when it comes to driving in bad weather, I'm a big chicken. I just hope it all clears out by Tuesday, when I have to make my next trip to Norman for a class. If it's still this cold though, I'm definitely springing for a parking meter!

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