Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Ah, here we are, at the end of February. It doesn't seem possible, yet it is. I think the first few months of the year go by faster than the rest. It just seems as if we put all sorts of things off until the "first of the year," and then BOOM! It's over!

February has been full of activities. It is a heavy birthday month in our family, including Miss Maggie, who is officially a tween now. Just ask Uncle Aaron - she talked his ear off for about 45 minutes the other night when he called to wish her a Happy Birthday! Maggie's party was a bit of a quick affair. I didn't get the invitations out as soon as I should have - not like I didn't know when her birthday was - but we still had a good turn out. Granddaddy, Grandma and Papaw made the drive to attend the party as well.

We still aren't out of the woods, sickness-wise. Gracie got double ear-infections last week, and this week I'm sporting another round of strep (woo-hoo)! I'm debating calling a moratorium to all extra-curricular activities for about a week, including church and scouts, just to see if we can't put a stop to it, but I'm not sure how effective that would be. We can't opt out of school - and chicken pox is making the rounds there. I know all the kids are supposed to be vaccinated - how is it we are seeing an outbreak of chicken pox? Ugh! Anyway - I finally took a list of all the meds I'm on now when I picked up my antibiotics and ran it by the pharmacist to make sure I'm not going to turn into the incredible shrinking woman or anything. I feel like a walking medicine cabinet sometimes.

The kids have given us some memorable moments since the last post. The morning that Gracie stayed home from school she was flipping through one of my scrapbooks while I was trying to get Maggie ready for school. All the sudden her little voice piped up from the chair, "Why does this man have on no clothes?" My mind was whirring as I tried to think of what scrapbook she was looking at, as I don't recall ever having put a picture of a nude man in any of my scrapbooks. Turned out she was looking at our Europe trip - at the statue of David. I tried to explain about art, sculptures, Renaissance, etc. and thought I had done an okay job of explaining when she came up with another question. "What's that thing between his legs?" I gave the short, simple, anatomically correct answer, but then she pondered the difference between the picture and other "little" boy parts she had seen before. Her conclusion, "That's gross." Not at all the conversation that I thought I'd be having on a Tuesday morning.

Maggie came home from school with the sobering news that a child she knew was moving due to a less than ideal home situation. She said that his step-dad, "spanked him too much." When asked if she thought she was spanked too much her reply was, "No, because most of the time I'm really, really, really good!" :-)

I've found THE great time-consumer. I joined Facebook. The reason I joined was because there is a group of CM consultants out there that started a group to exchange digital scrapbooking ideas. Less than a month later, I have 49 friends! Since we have moved around quite a bit, I knew we had made lots of friends over the years, and I am really enjoying catching up with everyone, but I am spending entirely too much time out there. I'm going to have to put myself on a timer just like I do for the girls Webkinz time! Oh well! If I haven't posted in awhile, you'll know where I am!

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