Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slowly But Surely

Well, things have slowly but surely been getting done around here. You know, back in, gee, I think it was August, I sold most of our furniture on Craigslist. My reasoning was that as long as I had a perfectly good sofa to sit on, I wasn't really motivated to go shopping for another, as I consider "shopping" right up there with getting a flu shot on the Things I Want To Do list. That's not to say I dislike ALL shopping, but it's not a big thrill for me.

There's other contributing factors to this as well, for instance, my spouses' tendency to voice "concerns" immediately AFTER we purchase something. For instance - Maggie has a pink matlesse cover on her bed. I asked him what he though of it before I bought it, and he gave me a non-committal, "Yeah, it's nice." So I bought it. Months afterward, once we'd had it awhile, washed it a couple of time (probably even had a stain on it by then) he mentions that he, "never cared for that cover." Why he couldn't mention that before I bought it, I don't know.

More recently I mentioned that I would like a hook rail in the utility room. He told me to "Go pick what you want and I'll hang it up." So I went to several local retailers, picked the thing I thought would match our room the best out of the selections I found, and brought it home. More than a month later, it was still sitting on the counter in the utility room. When pressed to hang it up, Jerry confessed that one with a shelf was more what he had in mind. So, I go return the one I bought. The customer service representative asked if it was defective, and I replied, "No. My husband told me to go pick out the one I liked, but what he really wanted me to do was pick out the one he liked, without telling me what it looked like." She looked at me rather oddly and processed the transaction.

Needless to say, this is why I don't try to pick out major furniture without him. Still, things are getting done - slowly but surely. The new hook rail showed up this week and we got it installed in the utility room:
The guest bed linens and the risers for the daybed showed up and although the linens were a bit more pink and a bit less red than we were expecting, we got it all put together and are eagerly awaiting our first guest:
We also heard from the manufacturer of our sofa, and it should begin its journey from the factory to the furniture store this week, so we could have it in the very near future. I can hardly wait. Still, even with this progress, I've confessed to Jerry in the past couple of weeks, I still don't feel settled in our new house. Part of this is because most of our pictures are still on the floor. At first Jerry didn't want to put up the office pictures because we have discussed getting new office furniture, but at the rate we are moving, he's beginning to accept my "Spackle was made for this very occasion" argument, and we are planning to hang pictures soon. Now the only thing left to tackle is the front living/sitting area. First step - getting rid of the china cabinet. So, if you know anyone who wants a very large, very nice lighted cabinet, let me know!


Rusty & Julie said...

did ya'll make it through the storms OK last night (2/10/09)?

Suzy said...

Yes, we are fine. The storms passed to our north. Thanks for checking on us!