Saturday, August 16, 2008

Drama at Bedtime

Well, tonight we were heading steadily for an 8:30 bedtime for the third night in a row (we are trying to be good and get back on schedule for the start of school next week) when we encountered high drama.

During the girls bath the phone had rung, and so while the girls were brushing their teeth, I went to retrieve the message from the voice mail. Just as I punched in the password and the message began, hysterical screaming erupted from the bathroom. Maggie rushed into the office, clearly upset and began trying to tell me what had happened, but she was so upset I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I rushed to the bathroom, where Gracie was crying her "really, really hurt" cry and saw blobs of blue toothpaste, red blood, and tears everywhere. Gracie is yelling, "My tooth!" A quick glance in her mouth verifies that it was a baby tooth, and I start to reassure them that everything is okay.

"BUT IT HURT!" Is Gracie's to-the-point argument. And I'm sure it did, as a quick inspection showed that there was still a bit of a root on that tooth. I give her a glass of water and tell her to swish and spit while I go retrieve a bit of gauze for her to bite down on to stop the bleeding. Now that it is apparent that Gracie is going to be okay, Maggie is now more upset than ever. "It's all my fault! I shouldn't have done it! I hurt my sister!" she sobs. Since Gracie's mouth is full of gauze, I listen to Maggie's side of the story, then Gracie's. What I can manage to figure out is that as the girls were brushing their teeth, Gracie saw that Maggie's nightgown was unfastened at the neck, and she began to make a circle with her finger to indicate that Maggie should turn around so she could fasten it. Maggie mistook the waving for a kung fu move and began defensive maneuvers. Somewhere in there, the toothbrush in Gracie's mouth got hit (story gets rather fuzzy on details here) and the tooth popped out. Whew!

In order to get everyone calmed down, we read a story in Mommy's bed, shooting our 8:30 bedtime out of the water. Oh well, you do what you've got to do. I can't help but smiling when I see Gracie's new smile. She had such tiny teeth to begin with, and now there's this huge gap, right in time for fall school pictures. And of course, there's not a bit of the permanent one showing yet. Here's a preview!
Good night!

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