Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Big Picture

You know and I know that there have been quite some large gaps in my posting schedule (ha, ha, ha-ha-ha - "schedule" - as if. . .) for quite see time now.  Yes, summer was busy, just like always, and I have been trying to get all my ducks in a row to be able to get a job, but that just hasn't panned out the way I envisioned.  And if I am honest with myself, that is one of the reasons I have not posted.  It is quite a downer to not be able to find a job after investing so much time to change fields.  This season has been, and still is, an object lesson in waiting on God's timing in my life.  And it is hard for me.  Partly because I had such a vivid picture in my mind of how this was going to work out.   And it has not turned out that way at all.  

But. . .

God is sovereign.  And while I am not where I though I would be, God is still moving me forward, on His timeline, and the picture that has emerged is still beautiful, even if it is not what I had in mind.  And what I am learning is that there are many things that I now have time to do and notice that I would have missed if my plan was the ultimate plan.  And so I am grateful to God for his plan, even if it takes me awhile to acknowledge it.  

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