Sunday, September 23, 2012

What We'll Be Doing in Heaven

Yesterday I got to have a Mommy / Daughter day with Gracie, which is always a fun time.  When presented with the opportunity to go anywhere she wanted to for dinner, she wanted (as always) Taco Bell.  Afterwards we went to get frozen yogurt, which she prefers to any ice cream shop in town, and then we stopped by the Redbox to pick up a movie and a game.  Gracie likes the simple things in life. 

Anyway, at Taco Bell we were sitting there, and I accidentally grazed my nachos supreme with my arm, getting a nice dollop of sour cream on my forearm.  I said, "Whoops!" and licked it off.  (Please don't tell my mother I didn't use my napkin.  It was sour cream after all, and that just can't be wasted.)  I then said, "It's a good thing I didn't get it on my elbow, since you can't lick your elbow."  Gracie looked at me quizzacally, and (of course) checked to see if she could or could not lick her elbow.  When she couldn't, I said, "See, I told you, it can't be done!"  Gracie looked at me matter of factly and replied,

"Well, we'll get to do that in heaven because everything is possible there." 

Another thing to look forward to, I suppose! 

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