Monday, April 11, 2011

I found myself in the funny papers. . .

Perhaps that explains my lack of posting as of late. There's always some reason, isn't there? There are only four weeks left in this semester - and it seems like at least half of the entire semester's work in each class is due in these last four weeks. Part of it was the snows we had in the first weeks of the semester. Between that and the teacher getting the flu, our syllabus was re-arranged so we would cover things in class before they were due - a great concept, but turning out to be dreadful in execution. So. . . don't expect any great blogging until the end of the semester. Heck, don't expect any blogging until the end of the semester. If I manage it, you can just be pleasantly surprised!

Now I'm off to write a (another) paper!

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