Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have gotten so much done today - do I dare try to blog about it? Risk overachieving? Yes, yes I do.

Today was rather dreary. It has been lovely all week long, sunny, warm but not hot, just very pleasant. Most people would have looked at today's overcast forecast and bemoaned the fact that all the nice days happened during the work week, but I was very, very happy. See, last week I hired a housekeeper, and they came for the first time on Wednesday. My house sparkled like it hasn't since we moved in, and it just made my windows look awful. So, overcast days are perfect for window washing because it reduces streaking as the windows dry slower than they do on a hot sunny day! Yea! Of course, messing about with the ladder and lots of water on a breezy fifty-degree day wasn't the most pleasant way to spend the day, but I bundled up, snapped on the rubber gloves, and got busy. Gracie helped me off and on, and Jerry windexed the insides as I worked on the outsides. Now I need some sunshine to stream through the windows so I can enjoy our hard work!

Other than that, I've done a bit of laundry, worked on school work, gone to the drugstore and the grocery store, cooked dinner, and taken my window-washing helper out for frozen yogurt! A very, very productive day for me - yea!

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Wendy said...

This post made me realize...

I've only lived in ONE house long enough to wash the windows. Unfortunately, that house was in FARMINGTON.

And I had to wash them because my across-the-street neighbor made a point to meet me, then casually say in conversation "I can tell a housekeeper by her windows" and look pointedly at my house.

You know, I never liked her, come to think of it.

I hope you're enjoying your maid! They are so great. I took great pride in saying, "I've never had a maid! I do it all myself" until I had one. I have no more pride. It is fantastic.