Thursday, January 6, 2011

Looking Back: School is in Session

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This is one in a series of posts that will look back at things that happened during the Fall 2010 semester when life got too busy to post.

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Well, we are back in the thick of school. The girls are doing pretty well in all their subjects, with the exception of Gracie and her spelling, which still seem to be at odds with each other. I really don't understand it - she's a great reader, but her spelling is a constant challenge - even the words she sees on a daily basis. Her teacher has reduced the number of words on her list for now, and we are trying new ways of studying. Here's her latest spelling list:

She (or I) write the words - one per square on the sidewalk in front of the house. Then she gets the ball and walks up the sidewalk, one square at a time, spelling the word aloud and bouncing the ball once for each letter.

Next we may try skipping the rope for each letter - we'll just have to find something that works!

In the meantime, Maggie has been very, very busy with school. She has homework every night in fifth grade, but she seems to be doing well in all her subjects. She has also signed up to be on the safety patrol and Chargie's council. Both are exclusive to the fifth grade, and she had to fill out an application to be considered for each position.

Chargie's council is kind of a prelude to student government, and they get to help with the "charge up" pep rally on Tuesdays, participating is skits and such. Here she is with one of our neighbors. She was in a skit about their fundraiser, and he's promoting Thunder night (basketball) for our school.

A few weeks later it was Maggie's turn to be Chargie - the school mascot. She was pretty excited at first, but afterwards she said that the costume was very hot, and she didn't think she would want to do that again. Her turn to be on the council is over at the end of the semester, so she more than likely won't have another turn this year.

The year is zooming by!

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