Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Little Comedienne

Our sweet Maggie is turning into quite the comedienne. Here's the latest examples:

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We were having a family meeting and Maggie had made an observation about something. Jerry commented that she was "astute."

Maggie asked her daddy, "What does astute mean?"

I answered, "Wise. Observant."

Jerry looked at me and said, "I can answer that! Let me answer my own questions! I bet you were a real know-it-all in school, always answering for everyone. . ." as he put his hand in the air doing his best impersonation of a know-it-all, "ooh, ooh-oh, pick me, pick, me!!!"

Maggie looked at him with a completely serious face and said, "Yes, Catherine?"

Needless to say, she got a laugh out of him!

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I am a huge fan of the comic strip "Baby Blues" and Maggie and Gracie have taken to reading my collection books of the past strips. Maggie was trying to tell her Daddy about one of the strips during dinner, but she mispronounces the names. She pronounces the father's name (Darrell) Dare-elle. Jerry thought that was pretty funny, so I asked her to tell Jerry what the name of their neighbor was.

She said, "It's Yolanda," but she makes it rhyme with the word gondola, as in Yon-doe-la.

Jerry and I started to giggle, and she looked right a Jerry with a frown on her face and said with a rather superior air, "Well, it's a Spanish name!" Which just made me laugh harder.

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