Friday, October 9, 2009

A Barn Dance

Well, the second grade is always the first to do their program at the girl's school, but it certainly did come up fast this year! The show was called "Barn Dance" and was based on a book of that same name. Gracie was a scarecrow this year, although she declared that she looked like a farmer, not a scarecrow. I told her that was okay, since scarecrows are supposed to look like the farmer to scare the crows away.

Each student has a dance that they do with their class, and either a speaking part of musical instrument part. Gracie got to play a musical instrument again this year - the handchimes. She's getting quite good at it! We recently lost our bass bell player in our handbell choir at church - perhaps I should suggest Gracie as a replacement! Only problem is that those big bells probably outweigh her. Perhaps in a few more years!

Here's our little star:

Playing her bells

The scarecrows are waking up!

The girls were the crows - they didn't trust to boys to have the long poles

Singing the finale

This cutie pie couldn't scare a mouse!

I went to two of the three performances. At the evening performance, Maggie and I went in to get our seats. I had already scoped out the vantage points that I wanted for photos at the first performance, so I went straight to one of those seats. Maggie was not at all happy - she didn't want to sit with her (boring) mother - she was in full social butterfly mode, and was getting ready to have a teen-age-like rebellion if she didn't get to go and sit with her friends. She ended up sitting with a friend and I stayed where I was and got good pictures, so I guess everyone went home happy in the end. My only question is, what will she be like when she's an actual teenager? Scary thought!

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