Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perils of the Holidays

Ah, here it is. That time of the year again. The holidays. If we can get through the logistics of planning the holidays, it's a great time of year. The logistics are the thing that always gets us though.

Really, this is pretty late for us. Usually the hints start dropping around June or so about what are we going to do for the holidays, and by August we generally know what's going to happen. This year though, we've been pushing it off, partly because I had hoped that if I just ignored it the issue would go away, but mostly because we have a new-ish niece who gets to drive the family gatherings this year. We told Amy that we'd do whatever she wanted, and for a while we even entertained going to Houston to see them, but that possibility has now been officially removed from the list, so here we are, a week before Thansgiving, with no plans. I think it's a first.

The problem is, that with all our moving around, our "rotation" schedule seems to be in flux. So last Friday night, I dragged out the photo albums, and documented what we have done since the girls have been born. Here's the rundown:
  • 2000: We were at our house. I remember this vividly, because I was pregnant with Gracie (although no one but Jerry and my sister knew) and was sicker than a dog. The barfing Christmas - oh yeah, that was memorable.

  • 2001: Santa visited our house - just us.

  • 2002: Santa came to Mimi and Pepaw's condo in Ruidoso - complete with snow!

  • 2003: Santa visited our house - just us.

  • 2004: Santa visited our house - just us.

  • 2005: We braved the ice storm back to Texas. Santa visited grandma's house.

  • 2006: Santa visited us and Mimi and Pepaw at our house in Farmington

  • 2007: Santa visited us at Granddaddy and Nana's house

The years where it was our house, just us, we lived close enough to make day trips to everyone. Now that we are a bit farther away, overnights are required. Anyway, in case you are following the time line, it's Grandma's turn for Santa this year. I knew those scrapbooks would come in handy. . .

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