Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oklahoma Road Trip

Well, we have finally made our first road trip to see some of this new state of ours. We met some friends in Jenks and saw the Oklahoma Aquarium. For being as far inland as it is, they have some pretty good exhibits. They had a special section for fish that are native to Oklahoma, and boy, they have some whopper catfish in there!
The girls with their new friends!

Gracie is in constant motion - just like the sharks!

There was a touch tank where we petted stingrays and sharks. The rays were smooth, but the sharks were rough! Maggie didn't really want to touch them - but she made an effort to overcome her fear!

Here, at a different touch tank, she's working up the nerve to touch a starfish. They don't splash, so she's seriously considering it. . .

And touch it she does!

The only thing the girls were dissapointed with on our road trip is that we didn't get to stay and play with their new friends longer. Next time they'll come visit us!

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