Monday, July 28, 2008

Alone on the Information Highway

Well, it's official. I always joked that only my mother and sister ever read my blog, since no one else ever leaves comments or tells me that they read it, but now I have proof! On the lower right of the blog I added a widget that tracks the city and state of who visits my blog. It's been on there five days now, and no one has visited. I never knew it could feel so lonely in cyberspace!

Well, our second troop of visitors has left. Amy, Will and Carissa were here from Thursday to Sunday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed meeting Carissa, and had fun playing with Will, although they weren't always fond of his rough affections. We did manage to make it to the pool one evening, and the kids had a great time there. Here's our photos of us with baby Carissa:

One of the reasons that Amy and the kids came to visit was Gracie's birthday and party. We went back to Pump-it-up, and we had a really good turnout for a summer birthday party. Our party was immediately after lunch time, so the kids had plenty of energy and bounced like mad.

We even managed to get Granddaddy to try the slide!
After we played hide and seek (Maggie is it - counting into the microphone) we did cake and ice cream and presents and then left for home and birthday pizza for dinner.We now have a lull until next weekend - then Mimi and Pepaw visit! The weekend after that some friends from Fort Worth are coming, and then it's time for school to start. The second half of summer is flying by much faster than the first. We are having lots of fun though, so I guess that's what makes the time fly!

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