Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Already!

Wow - looking at the calendar today, I realize that today was the original day that Carissa was supposed to be born - so happy 1 week old birthday, baby Carissa!

Things are certainly happening around here. Let's take it subject by subject:

Birthday Party!

Sunday was the official Have Friends Over birthday party. As I look at the effort that was put into this party, I wonder when I lost the over-eager, super-planner party mom tendencies. We had the party at Pump-It-Up, at Maggie's request. Our house is just way too small to try and have any number of people come for a function. I had the party place cater the pizza, rather than trying to make food (although I did buy a bag of baby carrots to serve with it.) We got an ice-cream cake from Baskin-Robbins rather than me make a cake, even though I even took the Wilton Cake Decorating course many moons ago so I could be the uber-cake-mom. We bought fancy plates for the cake, but for the rest of the food we just used plain white provided by the party place. And you know what - no one - and I mean no one noticed anything wrong. Everyone had just a fine and dandy time with the exception at the last minute of Gracie, who's balloon got blown away in the Oklahoma wind. (All my fault - and I made restitution, so she had a happy time after all.) Anyway - it makes me think - What's the thing I remember most from my birthday parties? I'd have to say some of the most memorable things are not the things that went well, but the things that went wrong - like the time my dollhouse cake fell over into the green-tinted coconut grass a few minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive. Don't get me wrong - I remember it not because I was upset, but because it was funny, even at the tender age of 11 or so. So please - use the comment function and tell me what thing you remember most from your childhood birthday celebrations. I'd really like to know.

Health Front -

Well, I've met my new doctor and he seems nice. He didn't rush me at all, and listened to the whole medical history for clues that would help solve this latest issue. I really feel too young to have 'issues', but here I am. I had a heart monitor that I had to wear around part of this week. Of course, nothing really spectacular happened while I wore it - but nothing really spectacular has happened since the ER visit, which is how we like it. Anyway, the day I got the monitor I showed it to the girls when they got home - 7 electrodes on my chest and abdomen, and what seemed like two miles of wires that were bundled and taped to my belly before going into a data recorder that I kept in my pocket. I showed them the wire, and then, to be funny, I did Papaw's little bit of "I am a robot" humor that the girls always think is so funny. Well, Maggie apparently thought I had been turned into a robot, and she got upset - very upset. It really caught me by surprise. I reassured her that I was the same mommy I had always been, and that they were just stickers that would come off in a few days. She calmed down, and anxiously awaited the day when I would be back to normal mommy. All that adhesive was a real mess - I itched constantly for two days, and then after I took them off, it took two more days and a bottle of goo-gone to get the sticky residue off. Nothing for your self-esteem like having to get the goop off your flab.

House Front:

We looked at a house I liked last week, and this past week we made an offer, and it was accepted. We have inspections this week, and if everything goes well we will close on a four-bed, two-bath, three-car garage, 8 person storm shelter at the end of May. I'm guardedly optimistic about the whole thing, and now that we've made an offer, Jerry has though about a million things that maybe we should have asked for, should have though about, etc. After 11 years, I should be used to this phase, but it still makes me crazy. Ah, love. . .

At School:

This week was the first ever Sock Hop at the girls school. They did a very nice job, with a live band some of the time, a DJ some of the time, and an Elvis impersonator some of the time. Gracie dragged a 50's costume out of the dress up stuff, and Maggie wanted something to wear, so with only an hour before the function started, we headed to Goodwill, bought a skirt, and went to Hobby Lobby for some felt, and slapped a poodle on it with a glue gun. There were some really elaborate costumes there, but Maggie was happy with her skirt. They'll be doing another one next year, so I see some real poodle skirts in our future. The girls were excited to see the Elvis impersonator, but the real celebrity they had to have their picture with was the Chick-fil-a cow. They catered the dinner, and he made a couple of appearances. Gracie said "Everyone loves him because he has the best restaurant ever!" Way to go Cow!

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