Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Groan. . .

Well, I'm here. Or, should I say, what's left of me is here. We have been enduring what seems to be unending bad health in the Foster household. At least for me, it seems unending. We started out a few weekends ago, with Maggie having a simple fever. . . or so it seemed!

Since then we have been riding the roller coaster of flu, fever, and sinus infections. Ironically enough the only person to not get the flu was Jerry, the only person who didn't get a flu shot. The day after I came down with it there was a report on the news that the most prevalant strain of flu these days wasn't included in the flu shot. NO, Really!!!!

I think it's an occupational hazard, being a mother. Your child is sick, and all they want is for their mommy to hold them and cuddle them and make them feel better - what are we supposed to do? It's sacrifice yourself to the germs, wash hands often and hope for the best. Unfortunantely, the germ gods were not smiling on me these past two weeks. I got the flu, even though the pediatrician had given us all Tamiflu to hopefully prevent it - it was too late for me. Then I had to follow that up with a sinus infection. I'm slowly re-surfacing to reality.

Unfortunately, reality didn't take a break while I was trying to. I totally forgot in all the illness, that I was supposed to look at a house this morning with my realtor. She comes strolling up the walk as I am buried in a pile of used kleenex on the couch, still in my pajamas. (Groan.) Then, I finally get around to trying to make arrangements for Maggie's birthday party, and can you believe that the rest of the world didn't wait for me to get better and schedule my party before they rushed in and booked theirs? Some people! Now her party is not even in the right month, and it's on a Sunday afternoon, which isn't so bad, except it's close to the dismissal of church. I hope people still come. Oh well - what are you going to do, right?

Well, speaking of things to do, I'm behind on everything, so I've gotta run (okay - make that crawl) - hope everyone else has a healthy week!

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