Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho. . .

Well, it's beginning to look a bit more like Christmas around here. After listening to Gracie pray for several nights that we would decorate our gingerbread houses soon, I spent Wednesday afternoon putting together the houses so we could put the decorations on when the girls got home from school that day instead of waiting until this weekend, as was my original plan. Here's our final results:

I decided that the girls were pretty self-directed at this age, and it would be okay for me to make my very own house instead of trying to influence the girls to do it a certain way. Not that they ever did what I said. "It's my house, and I'll do it the way I want!" was a common refrain from years past, so I figured I'd make one the way I wanted this year! As you might see in the photo, our icing was a bit on the thin side, so the doors / tree, etc. kind of slipped down the side of the houses during the drying time. See if you can guess which one is who's house!

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Suzy said...

Here's the answers!

Gracie's is on the left, Maggie's on the right, and mine is in the middle!