Monday, December 3, 2007

Full of the Christmas Spirit - NOT!

Ah, the holiday season is upon us, and I am dangerously close to losing the Christmas spirit already! This is mostly due to run-ins with the retailing giant we all know and either love or tolerate as a necessary evil, Wal-Mart. Let's just say that now that they are online, they have two ways to make my head spin, and leave it at that. I called my sister with the whole sordid tale, and informed her that I'm ready to take back everything I've bought from Wal-mart for this Christmas, and re-shop somewhere else, because - gosh darn it - it's just the principle of the thing! As usual, Amy got right to the point and informed me that my principles were going to give me ulcers. She's right, so I got in the car, returned merely two expensive things (and bought one cheap one, and several groceries, because let's face it, Oklahoma is a grocery-store wasteland. Why doesn't Kroger expand here?????)

All shopping frustrations aside - and there are plenty - I'm trying really hard to get over my post-Disney let down and become jolly for the season. It's hard though. We are trying to nail down plans for the holidays, and I as try to juggle three families (four if you count us - and why shouldn't we count?) and their respective dinners I find myself having to remember that YES, this IS why I wanted to move closer. Don't get me wrong - I do want to see all of our families, but why, oh Why is this one day the mecca of family gatherings? Like, if I don't see you on Christmas, but see you the day after, it's somehow less of a family gathering? Anyone who doesn't see us on Christmas or Christmas Eve is somehow "shorted" and will bring it up next year so they get juggled to a better spot on the schedule. Jerry and I did try several weeks ago to nip this in the bud by scheduling Christmas in various locations for the next three years, but my sister spoke up again (who would have thought she'd end up being my voice of reason?). She said she can't commit to what they'll want to do next year, as she doesn't know how having two babies will be like when one is already a challenge. (Sigh.)

Luckily for me, I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping - a few more stops and a few more boxes on the doorstep and I'll have the rest of December to stoke the fires of Christmas Spirit, and my girls are eager to help. We've got our Gingerbread houses to make, Santa to see, and presents to wrap. We've begun the marathon of Christmas movies that come out only between Christmas and New Years. I love looking at the holiday through their eyes, and remembering when December 25 seemed to take forever to get here. Now it comes much to fast, and, truth be told, is over much too soon. Because once I get my Christmas Spirit going - It's a great thing, and I wish it could last all year through.

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