Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sometimes It Feels Like a Rut!!

As last week dawned, I was feeling rather resentful against my "rut". You know - the everyday monotony of life - the seemingly endless repetition of being a mother. I was about to reach critical mass when I went to my Bible Study Fellowship for the week. At the end of each lecture they hand out notes, and this weeks really hit home. Here's the paraphrase:

Do you despise the little places and people with whom you live? Do you despise your daily occupation? Are you willing to do your work today to show the people around you how the Son of God within you lives the homemaker's life to the glory of God? If it is God's will for you, it is workable if you will cooperate with Him and let Him work it out through you. . .


So with a deep sigh I tried to humble myself before God and my family, and guess what? As usual, when I stop thinking about me and start thinking about making God smile by doing what he has called me to do at this time in my life, it stopped being a rut, even though the same activities were still present. God is so good.

As for the rest of the week, on Tuesday we made an important discovery! Baskin Robbins has $1 scoop night on Tuesdays! I had told the girls that if they finished dinner and homework before 7:00, we would go get ice cream. They did, so we did. I got lemon custard, which took me right back to my childhood, when we used to go to Baskin Robbins as a family. When I found out about $1 scoop night, I decided we needed to make this a tradition for us as well. The girls, of course, gave me no argument about that!

In my last issue of Cooks Country magazine there was a recipe for Tres Leches cake - Jerry's favorite. It's not an easy recipe, but I decided to give it a whirl. Some four bowls, one pot, one mixer with whip attachment and three hours later it was done. I had high hopes, although past recipes had not measured up to the ultimate tres leches cake served at Churrasco's in Houston. When Jerry got home and I served it up, he took a bite, and his eyes opened wide, and his eyebrows went up. The verdict - "Hey, this is good - really good!" I think we have a winner!

Last week was Maggie's school program. It was a jungle theme - Let's go on a Safari - and she was a monkey. The kids were on one side of the gym, and the parents were sitting on chairs at the extreme other end, so my pictures weren't great, but they did make a very nice video that has several clear shots of our monkey girl. Speaking of school plays, I finally spent way, WAY too much time on a project I have put to the side for almost a year. When I videotaped Gracie’s kindergarten play last year, I ran out of tape, so it was split between two tapes. I bought the cable to transfer it to the computer a long, long time ago, but I finally got around to actually doing it last night. Then of course, I couldn’t just splice it together and slap it on a DVD – NO! I added titles, credits, chapter markers, music, etc. It looks pretty nice, although I can't recommend either of the programs I used for intuitiveness.

This week Gracie is Pooh's Special Friend at school. She gets to be the line leader for the week, bring things for show and tell, and in general be special. She gets to bring her favorite snack on Friday. I asked her what she wanted - cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats - what? Her choice: Goldfish. She definitely knows what she likes.

On October 31 there is a parade of storybook characters at the girls school. For Maggie, she has to do a book report, and then dress as a character from the book for the parade. At first she wanted to be Jasmine, but when I got the costume, it was too big, and it was purple instead of the aqua blue that Jasmine usually wears. Maggie didn't want it if it was not blue, so we returned it and looked at all the costumes. She finally chose a Barbie Princess Rosella one, so now we are reading that book. Gracie went to the store convinced she wanted to be a ladybug, but we ended up with a Little Mermaid costume. I can hardly wait to see what Jerry says when he sees her wearing seashells. Luckily, it has long-sleeved flesh-colored material under them, so we can wear long johns if it is cold.

Perhaps this week wasn't so monotonous after all. I guess it's all a matter of perspective, yes?

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